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Lets Take Back America!

2013 In Review – Is There Anything To Look Forward To?

That year was a tough one. The American Spirit died and people just don't seem to care. The government is getting more and more invasive, watching our every move and we can't help but ask how is this information every going to stay private if they can't keep national...

Obama Phones with my Tax Dollars?!

Obama phone lady proudly shows us how the government can waste over a billion dollars of our tax money to buy cell phones for the poor. What are they thinking. East End Liquidity check cashing cares about the working man. https://youtu.be/lWgUz5D0MnI

Go Buy a Ford

SuffolkCheckCashing.com is fighting for the working man. The Vice President says we are better off now because Bin Laden is dead and GM is alive! I could do without Bin Laden but I could also do without GM. How much money was wasted bailing them out - Not the American...

VIDEO – We Did Build It, Mr. President

I don't know who he was referring to when he said it, but don't tell any of my hard working small business owners that come into my shop that they aren't responsible for their businesses. The blood, sweat and tears says it all. https://youtu.be/6CTd0J25Nkg

The 28th Amendment

The 28th Amendment is a grass roots movement by Americans who are sick of representatives being treated better than their constituents. It is only an idea of the people and has never been even drafted, much less been submitted to Congress. It is purely fictional....